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Take a journey with us to the pristine waters of Moreton Bay Marine Park.

Our full-day tours are all about freedom and flexibility, allowing you to choose the pace of your day from deeply relaxed to high energy adventure. Snorkel around the Tangalooma Wrecks, spot the big three: dolphins, dugongs and sea turtles, trampoline into the ocean, spend time exploring untouched beaches or kick back on our boat tapping into the licensed bar onboard. Do it all or do as little as you please.

Locally owned and operated, you will soon discover why See Moreton is TripAdvisor’s #1 Brisbane Boat Tour Company


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See Dolphins

Moreton Bay Marine Park is home to the largest population of resident bottlenose dolphins in the world, as well as the lesser-known Australian humpback dolphin. We see dolphins on 92% of tours.
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See Sea Turtles 

Turtles are often referred to as the ancient mariner of the sea, navigating long distances to their breeding grounds. Six of the worlds seven species are found right here in Moreton Bay. We see sea turtles on 99% of tours.


See Dugongs

The abundant sea grass meadows of Moreton Bay provide the perfect grazing area for these large sea cows. Did you know that the myth of mermaids originated from dugongs? Seen on 70% of tours.

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Snorkel the Tangalooma Wrecks

With a whopping 15 shipwrecks to explore here along the coast of Moreton Island, a guided snorkel tour will ensure you see the very best Tangalooma Wrecks has to offer. Vibrant coral and peculiar sea-creatures will be revealed.


Fish Feeding

Moreton Bay Marine Park is home to an eye-watering 1000 fish species. Join us in a fish feeding session guided by our marine naturalists. We supply pellets that suit the diet of marine fish…as well as Gorgie, the friendly pied cormorant who often likes to steal their food.


Tropical Buffet Lunch

Fuel up for a day in the sun with a tropical buffet lunch offering a delicious selection of cold dishes such as succulent roast chicken and fresh-baked ham off the bone, wild-caught local king prawns, and plenty of vegetarian options. Although they say not to swim with a full tummy, it will be hard to resist with this banquet.

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Free Island Time
Explore miles of unspoilt beaches by foot, build castles by the shore with the kids, climb a sand dune to capture an Insta-worthy view, or simply stretch out under an umbrella with a good book, there is plenty of free time on the island for you to spend as you see fit.


Enjoy the freedom of exploring the turquoise waters surrounding the island at your own pace by kayak. Go solo in a single kayak tread your own path or pair up in a double and have someone else do the paddling. Coming soon!

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Water & Beach Sports
Keep the adrenaline high with our range of sporting equipment. Bring your game for beach soccer, rugby cricket or volleyball challenge. Beach umbrellas are also available. As are underwater viewing bodyboards are a firm favourite with the little ones.

What's Included In Your Day


Snorkelling Equipment

Informative Commentary

Qualified Lifeguard Supervision

Deck Amenities



Reference Materials

Translation Assistance

VIP Captain’s Lounge

Take your Tangalooma Wrecks adventure to the next level with our VIP Captain’s Lounge Experience. Offering the best views onboard and added luxuries you can’t get anywhere else, this is truly the most indulgent way to explore the region.

  • Indulge in complimentary culinary treats and beverages. Think croissants, champagne and cheese platters.
  • Find complete serenity in an area that’s private, spacious and yours to enjoy for the entire day.
  • Spend time rubbing shoulders with our captain, watching as he steers the vessel to paradise with faultless precision.

Getting Here

There are various transport options when it comes to making your way to the See Moreton berth. Simply drive yourself to the Rivergate Marina, or select our Gold Coast or Brisbane transfer option and allow us to arrange the journey for you.

Getting to Moreton

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